Firmware - address and port?


I would like to know how the firmware update is working.
since I chose a firmware, immediately and click “save changes” in InControl2.
the address is “”?
which port, 443?
it is an inbound connection? or it’s an outbound connection (the Pepwave are initiate the connection)?



Suppose firmware download link will pushed to the device and it’s a outbound connection from the device.

thanks, @sitloongs
but what the chance do you know which port?

default HTTPs is running using TCP 443. You have problem to get the device upgraded ?

@sitloongs - the Pepwave device is behind the firewall of the client, and the firmware update is failing.
so I want to understand from which port and address the Pepwave tried to update the firmware, and if it’s an inbound or outbound connection

From random tcp port to https(443) TCP at outbound.

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