Firmware 8.4.0 RC 1

We are pleased to announce that the Firmware 8.4.0 RC 1 is now available.

Download the Firmware

Download the Release Notes

SMS Control Command Reference

Download the SNMP MIB for Firmware 8.4.0

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I just struggled to update from 8.4 B2 to 8.4 RC1 on a 20x.

I used IC2 and directly uploading the FW.

I then tried downgrading to 8.3 but that also wouldn’t work.

I was able to downgrade to 8.2.1 and that then let me upgrade to 8.4 RC1

Hi Team,

Updated a few Balance 20x, but still unable to use the Starlink Monitoring feature.
Perhaps missed something in an earlier response, but it appears during page load, but disappears when fully loaded.


Thank you.

EDIT: Noticed that it’s now removed from the list inside the release notes compared to earlier releases. Is this due to CPU or other restrictions?

peplink team please advise why the 20x is excluded!

According to the release notes the starlink monitoring is only supported on the following models:
Balance: 310X, 380X, 580X, 310
5G/Fiber 5G, 305/380 or above
MAX: BR1 Pro 5G, BR1 Pro HW7,
BR2 Pro, Transit 5G, HD1
Dome/Dome Pro, HD2/4 MBX
MediaFast: 500, 750

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Understand but the question is why is the 20X left off. It would be awesome if the Peplink team can include it unless there is some issue such as hardware?


I am still seeing the warning “RemoteSIM component is incompatible to the firmware, please contact distributor for support.” on the dashboard of my MAX BR2 Pro after upgrading to 8.4.0 RC1. I mentioned this in my open case.


Could we get some more info on 29992?

I still have this error as well.


@TK_Liew can you please comment on the starlink compatibility as it relates to the b20x? thanks

That’s not the only feature weirdness with the B20x. It apparently supports 50 IPSEC tunnels, whereas the much more powerful B310-5G only supports 5. And the B20x is randomly missing AD/LDAP/RADIUS auth for Remote User Access, but it’s not really documented anywhere.

If there is a reasonable explanation, that’s fine, I’d just like to know what it is out of my own curiosity.

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I have been providing feedback since FW8.3.0, but the bug that Send All Traffic To is grayed out and cannot be configured when configuring ConnectProtect or Balance router and SpeedFusionVPN in WebAdmin has not been fixed.

This has been the case since FW8.3.0 regardless of router.

It is due to the hardware limitation as this feature is consuming more resources.

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Short update from our side.

Deployed it to our Max HD2 devices - but Starlink support doesn’t work. Under Network > WAN > you can see it for a split of a second and then it disappears. So looks like, Max HD2 is not supported?!

The original HD2 has too little CPU power. Only the HD2/HD4 MBX versions are supported according to the list.

The B20X is a lot faster (ARM 32bit) chip than the HD2 (MIPS) and even that can’t handle it currently. BR1 Pro (ARM 64bit) is the ‘lowest’ CPU that can handle it. My guess is only ARM 64bit and X86-64 CPU’s can support it currently.

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Hello @Lai & Peplink team,
We have created Peplink TIcket 23090046 with a possible bug where the device is using Wi-Fi WAN and also broadcasting an SSID. We also suspect that there may be a bug with InControl2 as a change was pushed out from InControl2, yet none of our team initiated this change.
We will leave it to you to investigate.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

Hello @Lai & Peplink team,
We have observed with multiple models and firmware releases that the GPS stops getting captured in the following scenarios:

  • Cellular modem loses connection (out of range of service provider)
  • Cellular modem is switching SIMs
  • Cellular modem is resetting

We have also noticed that the GPS details that do get captured inside the router while offline from InControl2 are not always getting pushed over from the router to InControl2 when connectivity between the router and InControl2 is re-established, resulting in gaps of GPS data on InControl2.

The impact of this has been that there are incomplete fleet tracking details.

Firmware versions this has been observed with:

  • 8.1.x (and all beta releases)
  • 8.2.1 (and all beta releases)
  • 8.3.0 (and all beta releases)
  • 8.4.0 (Beta 1, Beta 2 and Release Candidate #1)

Models this has been observed on

  • Pepwave MAX HD4 MBX (5G)
  • Pepwave MAX Transit DUO (Cat12)
  • Pepwave MAX BR2 Pro 5G
  • Pepwave MAX BR1 Pro 5G

Please investigate this further; it has been a niggling issue for too long. Previous related support tickets and forum posts:

We have created Peplink TIcket 23090047.

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

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As far as i understand it the gps antenna is attached to one of the cellular modems, hense if that one modem reboots it would loose tracking. I always thought the gps antenna should be attached to each modem for redudency. The only soulution I can see is to have mupltilple pepwave devices with gps antennas attached , or a seperate tracking device. Same issue happens with cell signal tracking when the modem resets automaticly when it switches to the wrong sim card. I’ve asked before to implement DSDS / DSDA, as this would better track each carrier availability per modem. When I looked up some the documentation on Sierra it seems it’s supported, but not sure if the hardware is properly cabled up. Seperately from GPS, I have my doubts that all events that would have been pushed to ic2 are stagged when it’s offline and doesn’t have access to ic2. @TK_Liew , @sitloongs Thoughts?

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Interesting. So if one has no cell connection or disables the cell WAN, and say uses a Starlink WAN, the GPS tracking stops?

I think it would still track the gps if it’s enabled, but without cell signal, but disabled it probable wouldn’t track it.