Firmware 8.2.1 won't connect to WiFi, but 8.0.0 will

Hi all,

 Got my new Pepwave Max and I love it. However, under firmware 8.0.0, the WiFi SSID seems to disappear. Under this version, the WiFi will connect to my home WiFi. So like any other IT wise person would do, I updated the firmware. The latest is 8.2.1 for Model Max BR1 MK2. The update went great, except now, the WiFi will not connect to any of my existing WiFi networks. It gets stuck on "Scanning...".  Are there additional settings that I may be missing that did not get set or could there actually be something wrong with the 8.2.1 firmware?


Please open ticket for us to take a look.

Is there a solution to this? I seem to be having the same issue.

Looking for an open ticket/issue also. I am running into the same problem.