Firmware 8.1.1 Beta 2

Peplink support is great. Over the past 10+ years, I’ve been recommending and using your routers at 4 different companies (plus my own personal use at home).

I just cycled power on the router, but the UI locked up again before I could get to the diag report download page. I’ll do it again and wait until all the connections are stable before I attempt to login.

Ticket #20120426

RA is activated.

You can do testing and make changes this weekend, but on Monday morning after 6:00am, no service interruptions are allowed.

I downloaded a diagnostic report, but I did not see anyplace to attach it to the ticket.

I just logged in and attached the diag report to my ticket.

8.1.1 build 4976 is still unstable on Balance 20. When WAN 2 goes down, the UI locks up almost immediately. Then a few minutes later, the entire router locks up and stops passing traffic. Not desirable behavior in a dual-WAN router.

I reinstalled build 4956 so I can get some work done. It still has problems, but is more stable than build 4976.

@jeff , Thank you and we will investigate the possible issue.

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my b20 doesn’t like build 4983 either…

Beta Version 8.1.1 build 4991, I am seeing an IP Address of being assigned to my Netgear EX2700 Range Extender as well as a valid address shown below. I determined that the was my EX2700 my unplugging and plugging the unit in and verifying that this device went away. It looks like this device is listed twice in the log. Once at a “valid” address and secondly at