Firmware 8.1.0 RC 2

@Technomadia, I believe you are referring to the FusionHub Solo. I am able to enable Dynamic Weighted Bonding in FusionHub.

Dynamic Weighted Bonding will evaluate the statistics of each WAN every second then set a weight for these WANs. Packets will be transmitted according to that weight value.

You should able to route Netflix or Hulu to SpeedFusionCloud. Please find the screenshot below.


“Dynamic Weighted Bonding will evaluate the statistics of each WAN every second then set a weight for these WANs. Packets will be transmitted according to that weight value.”

Can you please elaborate?

It is evaluating the health of each WAN and then rating them? Based on latency? packet loss? bandwidth?

Thank you

I asked about this on 8.1 beta 3 and 8.1 RC1 threads , but I didn’t get a response.
Is packet capture working in this build, on all models?

I had discovered and reported that it wasn’t working on BR1 models of the 8.1 beta/RC releases.

On the “PepVPN with SpeedFusion” page I see “This configuration is being managed by InControl” and I can not bring up the edit screen to adjust the settings.

And on InControl, I can find not way to enable Dynamic Weighted Bonding.

Under the SpeedFusion Cloud tab however, I am able to configure this setting for SpeedFusion Cloud. I just have not been able to get it enabled for our FusionHub Solo instances yet. Do I also need to upgrade the FusionHub Solo installs to 8.1?

This is a fabulous new feature - and I would love to see this as an option for regular Load Balancing as well as for SpeedFusion. Is this a possibility?

This is exactly the opposite of what I would like to achieve.

I would like all traffic to go over SpeedFusion Cloud, other than streaming apps - which should go out load balanced over the active connections, bypassing SpeedFusion.

I have not yet found a straightforward way to achieve this.



As mentioned, it’s only affecting BR1 models. Report filed and Engineering team is working on that.

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On the “PepVPN with SpeedFusion” page I see “This configuration is being managed by InControl” and I can not bring up the edit screen to adjust the settings.

You see this, when you have configured the SpeedFusion Settings in InControl. Please go to InControl and check if SpeedFusion Management is enabled there. If you disable this, you can manage it on the local GUI.
WARNING! The SpeedFusion Tunnel build with InControl will be disabled after that.



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@mystery, it is based on latency. Btw, we are improving it to cater packet loss in the future firmware release.

@Technomadia, I believe @dennis.hofheinz has provided the answer to configure Dynamic Weighted Bonding locally. Dynamic Weighted Bonding is supported in 8.1.0 and above. WAN load balancing and SpeedFusion Bonding are different. WAN load balancing is session based but SpeedFusion Bonding is packet based. Technically, packet based load balancing can’t be implemented to the regular load balancing as the destination site will not accept a connection that comes from different public IPs. Sorry for my misunderstanding. Application based routing is available for SpeedFusin tunnel and SpeedFusion Cloud only at the moment.



I have the same wireless display bug as reported by @Rick-DC . Let me know if you need me to open a ticket. I’m running 3 AP One AC Mini’s using this Max Transit as the controller.

After applying this RC2 firmware, there is this message at the bottom of the dashboard. Is there a secret button to get it to go away? I moved on to using my own FusionHub a few months ago after trying SpeedFusion Cloud.


Issue identified and it’s WebUI display issue. Tentatively this will fix in firmware 8.1.0 RC3. Thank you for the valuable feedback.

Thank you for @Rick-DC as well that willing to work with us to identified the issue.


We will improve this for future firmware release to hide the message when SpeedFusion Cloud is not using. Thank you for the feedback.

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In RC2, I love the new firewall log separation, but… the clear log button is missing and I cleared the main log using its button and it didn’t clear the firewall log, so right now I have no way of clearing the firewall log :slight_smile:

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Hey Guys,

I would like to know if the HD1 Dome is the same firmware as the HD2 Dome.
Would like to upgrade them, but just to be sure, better ask :slight_smile:

Thank you,

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Yes, it is. I upgraded my HD1 Dome to this RC, previous RC1, and all the beta versions.

The only thing I found out is that upgrading to this version doesn’t let you use remote SIMs.

When is this going to be fixed?

Thank you,

Hi J,

this happens if the Update is not complete initialised. First try a reboot of the device, if that doesn’t solve the Problem, then reinstall the Update, please.


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Hello @Jcol7884,
You will also need to ensure that your SIM Host has the latest firmware also, this is currently version 1.1.60 and can be found here

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

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I know the difference between session and packet based load balancing - I am just wishing that the weights for the session based load balancing could also be calculated dynamically on the fly.

For a lot of mobile deployments, connections vary in performance dramatically hour-by-hour or day-by-day, and for traffic that is not appropriate (or not functional - like Netflix) over the bonded connection it would be great to have the router better manage how it is distributed over multiple available links.

That is unfortunate.

Returning again to Netflix as an example - Netflix detects and blocks connections over any VPN, making it unusable over SpeedFusion. There needs to be an easy way for all Netflix traffic to be diverted to the non-bonded connection, without needing to route through SpeedFusion at all.

This impacts Hulu as well, and many other streaming services.

  • Chris

I am using an HD1 Dome and have had no luck in switching between SIMs with this version without a full reboot. I’m using 1.1.60 on the SIM injector, and in RC1 or the last beta (I forget) it worked fine to force a particular SIM using the usual method.

The only way to switch now seems to be to change the SIM injector:SIM slot statement in the dome and reboot it.

Also, attempting to upgrade the modem firmware never seems to complete. Multiple attempts with different SIMs (all which work fine for normal traffic/data) always result in a 0% download for a few minutes, and then an error about not enough bandwidth or signal to download.