Firmware 8.1.0 beta WAN disconnect/reconnect after edit

I’m using FW 8.1.0 beta 2, and I’m seeing that after some changes (such as editing an inbound firewall rule), my third WAN (which is a Verizon 7730) is disconnecting and reconnecting - I’m getting 2 notification emails. These seem to be triggered once I click the “Apply Changes” button.

This never used to happen - I shoudl be able to edit a firewall rule without disconnecting and reconnecting my WANs, right?

Edit to add: The 7730 is in Cold Standby, so the emails that I see are as follows:

Verizon 7730: Connected
Verizon 7730: Disconnected (Cold Standby)

It’s almost as if the Balance One is improperly forcing the 7730 to connect, then realizing its mistake and immediately disconnecting it.

Device Event Log shows this:

Jun 26 07:57:21 WAN: Verizon 7730 disconnected (Cold standby)
Jun 26 07:57:18 WAN: Verizon 7730 disconnected (Cold standby)
Jun 26 07:57:08 System: Changes applied

Which is also weird - notice how the log shows two disconnects, but the emails that I’m receiving show one Connect and one Disconnect.