Firmware 8.0 Issue/Glitch

Updated 30 sites, 6 sites continue to accrue bandwidth for both WAN and Cell, while the cell appears to be in standby mode in IC2 and when remoted into the device. Tickets into Peplink have gone unanswered.

Hello @CRay,
Post your ticket number here, one of the Peplink team will see then chase it up for you.
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Marcus :slight_smile:

Ticket Id:


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Checking on this. I will see what i can help here and update you shortly.

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Suggested for temporary solutions from Peplink Engineering:

  1. Change the default outbound policy using Weighted Round Robin.

  2. Reboot the device after changes make - This will clear all the connections.

  3. After the device rebooted, connections should forwarded using the correct WAN base on the WAN “Priority” (P1 or Standby).

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Do allow me to further explain the use case setup so that this will benefits other forum users as well.

This is a very rare issue that Ethernet have been setup as highest priority WAN and Cellular WAN have been setup as standby WAN. Due to the default outbound policy lowest latency is used and in some rare conditions that triggered some connection may be forwarded using cellular WAN and caused extra usage for the cellular WAN.

Suggested Weighted Round Robin (WRR) is used for the deployment use case as lowest latency is not require/necessary for the use case and this should avoid the issue. Engineering team will make sure coming firmware release should be ok for the such use case.