Firmware 8.0 Beta 3 question


I am having an issue with traffic going to a WAN incorrectly. I have a slow DSL connection on WAN1 dedicated for four xboxes. Every so often, I catch my laptop using this WAN for some “Apple” service. is the IP that should not be in this list…

I have 4 outbound policies and they are ALL “enforced” rules. Is there something special about port 5223 TCP?

Rule 1 - Guest VLan (non-DSL) enforced
Rule 2 - Xboxes port 80 (non-DSL) enforced
Rule 3 - Xboxes non-port 80 (DSL) enforced
Rule 4 (default rule) - Any IP Any Port (DSL) enforced

From what I understand about firewalls, the only rule that should have matched would be rule 4 (default) and it should NOT be going out my slow DSL connection.

Would it be possible to get a list of the “hidden” outbound policies that force traffic down WAN1? Is the general rule of thumb to be use WAN1 for non-priority traffic?



Hello @jmjones,
Can you supply a copy/screenshot of your outbound policies & are you using VLANs?

I’ve not seen anything in the realse notes that relate to what you are asking

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@jmjones – I’m wondering if you are seeing the same issue as I described here …

Last I read was that the “fix” was targeted for inclusion within FW 8.0.



I don’t think this is the same issue Rick-DC. None of my links have gone down in quite some time. This behavior is more like the SIP and IPSec Nat-T settings. The only difference is that I cannot see an option to allow me to route the traffic the way I want it routed.

The problem is that my DSL connection is just barely capable of running the games that it was purchased for - when this rogue process chews up bandwidth, I see issues in the game.

It looks like TCP 5223 is for Apple push notifications.



Would you able to open a support ticket for support team to check ?

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thanks @sitloongs. I have submitted a support ticket.



for what it is worth, I swapped WAN1 and WAN2 (not as easy as you would think), and now my traffic is being routed how I want.