Firmware 8.0 is now in Beta 3


Updated: Jan 25, 2019

We are pleased to announce that Firmware 8 is now in Beta 3.

Supported models:
EPX, Balance, MAX, SpeedFusion Engine, FusionHub, Surf SOHO

Here are the release notes.

Head over to and get yours now!

Firmware 8.0 Beta 3 question
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I am excited to see

[Remote User Access] Added support for Active Directory in
remote user access.
Balance: 210 or above
MAX: 700, HD2, HD4

in the release notes. However, such poor timing for us as we just recently committed to moving the core infrastructure to hardware that could handle Active Directory integration without physical VPN/peplink tunnels.


I have a question: can the Remote User Access on OpenVPN be used together a IPSec/L2TP service? I’m asking because currently one may just choose between PPTP and IPSec/L2TP, and can’t use both, which I quite understand since PPTP is today very insecure and one should think carefully before enabling it. OpenVPN and IPSec/L2TP both seem viable solutions and it is worth enabling both to enlarge compatibility on devices and network configurations. I didn’t try the firmware yet so I don’t know how it is the situation now.


Hi - you can only use one method at a time.


Hi Travis. This is a bit disappointing to me. While I interpreted the choice of not letting PPTP and IPSec/L2TP to be both enabled as a security choice, with the introduction of OpenVPN I was hoping to have the choice of keeping two inbound VPN technologies to offer more availability/compatibility with clients and different remote networks conditions (for example we found networks where outbound IPSec connections were blocked). For long time in different work environments I used enthusiasts firmware platform like dd-wrt/tomato where multiple VPN solutions enabled at same time has been a reality for several years, so I think times are mature enough to find the same possibility in products like the Balance routers. Could the choice be considered again?


I’m using beta 3 right now and like it. But what happens when the beta expires? Does the router just lock up? Are we likely to get a new beta before then, or would I have to revert back to 7.x ?



No worry for the expiration date, latest firmware in beta or RC or GA will be released prior the expiration date.


fec is awesome. I’m getting really solid results to FH Solo and a Br1-mini with wansmoothing+fec both at ‘normal’ with WAN+CELL.

in v7 I wasn’t getting satisfactory failover times, in v8 it’s like butter.

I do see a bug with receive buffer. If it’s enabled, I see duplicate packets on icmp ping across the SF tunnel.