Firmware 7 is Now RC, New Feature!

This is Big, This is 7, RC.


We’re happy to announce that Firmware 7 is now a release candidate! Here are the highlights for Firmware 7:

  • Enhanced Functionality for Single Cellular Routers: The BR1, BR1 Slim, and MAX Transit are now equipped with SpeedFusion WAN Smoothing, Load Balancing, and High Availability! This makes them much more powerful contenders in the single-cellular market.
  • Simultaneous Wi-Fi WAN: For the Surf SOHO MK3 and the MAX Transit, the 2.4GHz and 5GHz radios can both operate as Wi-Fi WAN.
  • Extended Support for Port-Based VLAN: The Port-Based VLAN feature has been extended to a number of Balance models.
  • Out-of-Band Management Support: UART enabled devices can now be used to perform Out-of-Band Management, remotely accessing another device even if it loses connectivity.
  • New for Firmware 7 RC - Upgrade for Balance 305: Instead of connecting 2x PepVPN peers by default, the Balance 305 now connects 2x SpeedFusion peers! As always, the number of SpeedFusion peers can be increased to 20 with a license key.

Here are the release notes for Firmware 7 RC. We will be doing the public launch of this new Firmware shortly after the holidays. Click the link below to get your copy now!


[**Get Firmware 7 RC for Balance, MAX, and Surf SOHO** ](

Hello All,

We have just released RC2 for Firmware 7, Give it a spin and let us know what you think!

What is the unit EB in when looking at client usage for a particular day. There is KB for kilobytes, MB for megabytes and EB which certainly isn’t Exabytes??? This sure looks like a bug since 6.3.3 shows the data in whole MB’s

This is on a B580 with V7.0.0 build 1881 which I didn’t install. S/N is #1825-108C-5E35 if you want to look at it and remote assistance is on


This have been fixed for latest RC firmware. You can download the latest RC firmware using the URL below:

After the firmware upgrade, sub-sequence daily reports should not show you client usage in EB.

I updated it to 1892 and that did not fix it so is that the latest?

Updated my B30 to V7 3302 and it does the same thing.

Status, Daily, click on a date and still EB…

I submitted a ticket with diagnostic report and Remote Assistance is on

Noted. We will look into this.

Any update on this and do you still need Remote Assistance on?

Sorry for late. We notice the “EB” data problem did not appear since the reported unit was upgraded to v7.0.0 build 3302 on 28 Dec 2016. The reported problem will be fully fixed in the coming firmware release.

We have gathered the related info. You may disable the Remote Assistance any time.


Hi Everyone,

Firmware 7 has now moved onto RC3, head to the download site to get your copy!