Firmware 7.1 is now in GA!

@mldowling, I have provided my answer in ticket#777636. WINS is not supported in BR1 series.

For DPI report, I will reconfirm again.


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Thanks @TK_Liew & @Eddy_Yeung,
We have created a feature request for the WINS Server in the MAX BR1 ENT.

@Eddy_Yeung, I am unsure if there has previously been a WINS Server, it is unlikely it existed previously…

@TK_Liew, thanks for looking again into the DPI Report option.

Appreciate your assistance,
Marcus :slight_smile:

We have noticed that in 7.1.0, we can no longer view the AP controller password for external APs under “Web Administration Settings (on External AP)”



In the past there was a little “Hide Characters” button below the password field as in the image above.

Have seen this on a Balance ONE and Transit DUO

Thank You

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@GNO-2014, Thanks for reporting this. We have filed this bug and we will fix this in the coming firmware release.


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Bug in Firewall->Access Rules can’t change priory rules (not show save and Apply Changes)

Hi all,

Below is the special firmware to fix the problem can’t change the sequence of the firewall rule.

Balance 20/30
Balance 210/310 Hw2-3
Max 700/HD2
Max BR1 MK2/Hotspot/SOHO MK3
Max BR1/BR2
Max On the Go
Balance 305/380/580/710/1350/2500
Balance One/210 Hw4/310 Hw4/BR1 ENT/Max Transit/700 Hw3/HD2 Mini/HD4


For an HD2 IP67 - the HD2 firmware or HD2 Mini firmware (or something else)?



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Just to nail it:

For the MAX HD2 IP67 HW_3_?

MAX HD2 IP67 HW 2/ HW3

Please use Balance One/210 Hw4/310 Hw4/BR1 ENT/Max Transit/700 Hw3/HD2 Mini/HD4


17106 [SIM Card Selection]
Even if the preferred SIM is set for the roaming SIM, the router will still always choose the local SIM

Please an option to disable this so that the sims are equal. I used the roaming sim as backup. The French sim has only one provider and the roaming sim can use all the 4 providers.

And this roaming option has that to be decided by a programmer or by the user

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We’ve been asking for this for a long time… :roll_eyes:

So many issues in the field because roaming is considered as a threat to the wallet. Connectivity issues and business discontinuity cost much more.

@Venn and @Thijs, we will implement the requested feature in the future firmware release. Anyway, no ETA at the moment.


So it’s been a month since these router specific builds have been posted here. Are we getting close to seeing an official update to 7.1 that contains these changes and anything else queued up?

Port Status in BPL-One have problem some device have Disconnect & Connect

Base on the logs, this is mostly related to Ethernet link auto negotiation problem. Please open a support case for support team to check.


Hi Alan,

do you have any manual for this docker container functionality?

@JakubN I have sent you a PM with an early draft explaining how to use the Docker functionality on Peplink routers.


What method should I use to install the special build for the Surf SOHO? When I try to manually upgrade my current firmware (7.1.0), I receive the message “Error: Invalid firmware image.”


@bburch, please confirm whether you are using SOHO MK3 or SOHO Hw2. They are using different firmware. You may check your device detail at Status > Device.

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