Firmware 7.0 Invaild Image


System Info SURF_SOLO_CSEC Serial Number 2831-XXXX-C582 Current Firmware 6.3.3 build 2252. I received the e-mail regarding Firmware 7. Went and down loaded fw-surf_soho-7.0.0-build2445.bin. When I went to update the firmware I get a message Error :Invalid frimware image. Tried several times and results were the same. Am I doing something wrong?


Based on the serial number you have a hardware version 1 Surf SOHO, and firmware 7 is not compatible with that model. Only on version 2 or 3 can you upgrade to fw 7.


Kevin - So my backup Surf SOHO serial number 2830-XXXX-14EE which above this serial number says Hardware Reversion on is also NOT compatible with firmware 7


@ogaddcb, please find the release note for v7.0.0 -

Please find the screenshot below for the unsupported models and how to check your hardware version.


Thank you very much for your help. Both routers are hardware version 1. Topic can be closed