Firmware 7.0 Invaild Image

System Info SURF_SOLO_CSEC Serial Number 2831-XXXX-C582 Current Firmware 6.3.3 build 2252. I received the e-mail regarding Firmware 7. Went and down loaded fw-surf_soho-7.0.0-build2445.bin. When I went to update the firmware I get a message Error :Invalid frimware image. Tried several times and results were the same. Am I doing something wrong?

Based on the serial number you have a hardware version 1 Surf SOHO, and firmware 7 is not compatible with that model. Only on version 2 or 3 can you upgrade to fw 7.

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Kevin - So my backup Surf SOHO serial number 2830-XXXX-14EE which above this serial number says Hardware Reversion on is also NOT compatible with firmware 7

@ogaddcb, please find the release note for v7.0.0 -

Please find the screenshot below for the unsupported models and how to check your hardware version.

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Thank you very much for your help. Both routers are hardware version 1. Topic can be closed