Firmware 6.3 broke Verizon Jetpack 6620L

I recently upgraded to Firmware 6.3 on a Balance One. Since then, the Verizon Jetpack I use through the USB connection no longer works. I can ping various websites through System>Ping when logged into the admin interface. One ping command works and reports latencies for all five pings. The next ping does not work and then the Balance One says that the Jetpack fails a health check. The Jetpack is configured as highest priority backup. However, when I bring down my WAN 1 interface and only use the Jetpack, it still does not work. Since I essentially no longer have cellular access through my PepLink, this sounds like a serious problem with Firmware 6.3. The Jetpack I am using is a MIFI 6620L from Verizon. Connecting to it wirelessly from a PC works fine with good throughput up and down and no routing problems. I have rebooted PepLink and Jetpack multiple times each and even bought a completely new Jetpack, with the same problems. I also tested with and without Novatels latest firmware upgrade for the Jetpack, and this has no effect on the problem. The only change was the firmware upgrade to the PepLink. I wonder if anyone else has had the same problem?

I rebooted the router and restarted with the previous version, 6.1.2 build 1597 and now everything works as before - the cellular access is fine, failover is fine, and pinging through the cellular USB interface works with no errors. This confirms that version 6.3 of the firmware is the problem. Essentially, routing through a Verizon Jetpack on a PepLink Balance One with firmware 6.3 installed, is broken.


Please open ticket for is to take a closer look. Please ensure the jetpack is attached to Balance router.

Thank you.

Done. Ticket created. Please keep me posted on progress.


We will follow up with you using the created support ticket. Possible please share us the support ticket number here and we will keep an eye on the ticket.

Thank You

Ticket number 758755.

Hi, does anyone know if PepLink is able to reproduce the problem in the lab, or come up with a patch? I’ve been waiting for a few days now with no update from PepLink support team, and am running my network with no cellular backup (which was the only reason I bought a PepLink in the first place, because it is advertised as having the best cellular backup - currently I have none). Thank you for any updates on this.

We are investigating this internally and will follow up with you via the ticket, appreciate your patience.


I just sent a response via the ticket with the highly suspected issue and steps to resolve.

Thank you, as you suggested the problem was a misconfiguration on my side which was exposed by the firmware upgrade. Moving the two WAN interfaces and one LAN subnet all to different class C subnets completely solved all the problems. All routing and failover works extremely well. Thank you to the PepLink staff for identifying the problem and solution. Issue resolved.

Thanks for the follow-up, it’s greatly appreciated!

As always, should you have future questions/inquiries don’t hesitate to reach back out to the community :slight_smile:

Can you provide the steps you took to resolve this issue. We have been running into a similar issue lately where the jet pack works for a few minutes but then the entire peplink device locks up and requires a hard reboot and then the whole thing repeats itself. This has happened with two different jet pack types on a number of different balance one devices. Thanks:

The problem reported by dr10000x is more to the IP overlapped between the Mobile internet (USB) WAN and the LAN network. This have been resolved by changing the LAN IP network segment or the WAN IP segment. Can you please confirm the WAN & LAN IP segment for your device ?

Please open a support ticket here if this is not related to the same issue.