Firmware 6.3.4 on Balance 580 HW2


We have two Balance 580 in two different sites that we use for Speedfusion VPN link ad firewalling, the appliances are:

  1. Balance 580 HW1 firmware 6.2.2 build 3362
  2. Balance 580 HW2 firmware 6.2.2 build 1486

Now we would want to align both appliances to the same latest firmware BUT we noticed that officially last firmware for HW1 is 6.3.4 and for HW2 is 7.1.1, so is it impossible to align both appliances to the same FW ?!?

Can there be problems to have different firmware version on appliances ?

However we found a 6.3.4 firmware for 580 HW2 on but I don’t trust on it due is not present in the official PepLink site.

Much appreciated a suggestion … :slight_smile:



Hi Alex,

Here is a link to our archive firmware :

You can select the Balance 580 from the drop-down product list and then download the firmware 6.3.4 for Hardware version 2 - as shown below:-


Hope this helps,



Hi peplink team,

currently I’m running peplink 580 with Firmware 6.3.1 build 1631. From peplink portal, my 580 model have latest version 7.1. 2 (HW 2-3) & 6.3.4 (HW1). Can I upgrade my device direct to 7.1.2?

Please advise either I need upgrade 6.3.4 and later 7.1.2?



Yes, you can direct upgrade from firmware 6.3.1 to 7.1.2.

You should using latest firmware 7.1.2