Firmware 6.2


We use a Peplink Balance 580 with Firmware 6.2.0 and a Peplink Balance 310 with Firmware 5.4.9.
The Maschine 580 has 2 Cable, 3 ADSL and one LTE Wan connections. LTE is disconnected at the moment.
The Maschine 310 has 1 Cable and 2 ADSL connections.
Before, we used on both sides Firmware 5.4.9 with no problems.
But because of the new LTE-Stick, we needed to do an upgrade on the 580 Maschine up to 6.2.0.
After this we have every 2,3 days strange problems.
Mostly the way, that WAN connections, who went off will not come back running the SpeedFusionTunnel.


  • 3 days ago
    The LTE-Stick proberly has been offline for some reason.
    But went back online again. Status was green.
    But looking in the SpeedFusion Status, the LTE-Connection was still red.
    And making problems, wich concern the whole tunnel.
    My solution was, to kick the LTE-Connection out of the tunnel und later
    put it back. So it was running again.

  • Today
    We had a problem with 2 ADSL connection. To much packet loss.
    To we had to reboot to DSL-Modems. After this, the DSL-Connection
    was coming back, but they did not show up in SpeedyFusionTunnel again.

Here some pictures.

This behavior is unknown for me, in firmware 5.4.9.

Somebody an idea?

For test, i´ll go back zu Firmware 5.4.9 with the Balance 580.


This is known issue and addressed in v6.2. Please upgrade B310 to v6.2.


Thanks for our answer.

What´s the price for the firmware 6.2?
We don´t need Warranty or Hardware Replacement.


You are welcome to upgrade to v6.2.1.

Where do I get the key for Beta Software?


You should not need a key for the beta firmware


But the maschine is asking for it.
See here.

You can obtain the unlock key via the InControl2 device management page.

Thx for this Info.
Now, after two days testing 6.2.0 and 6.2.1, I´m sorry to inform you the following:

  • Still problems WAN connections not coming back up in the tunnel
    DSL Connection is online, Speedy Fusion Status showed it as down.
    So I´m going back to 5.4.9, because it´s stable.


This doesn’t look normal on firmware 6.x, can you open a support ticket ( for our team to take closer look at the units?

Thanks and regards.


I´ll make an upgrade on both sides up to 6.2.1.
And some more tests on Friday, if they fail, I´ll ask for support.

Thanks for free upgrade the firmware. :slight_smile:

BTW: How can I get besser SpeedFusion Performance.

I have two 12 Mbit Uplinks on one Side.
With one 12 Mbit Link, I get 12.
But with two online, I get only a little bit more so 13 to max 14.
Testing this all with SpeedFusion test.
Only with the UDP Test, i can push this up.
This is all on 5.4.9 Firmware.



Today I made it. Upgrade both sides to 6.2.1 and …
Christmas and Easter on one day.
Perfect Performance up to 26,7 Mbits Upload.
I made some unordinary tests, but the tunnel was coming always back, with
all online WAN connections.

Thx for this wonderful firmware.
Everythink is fine now.

Great Job. :cool:


Thank you for supporting Peplink. :up:


Im so sorry, to inform you, it happened again.
One WAN-Connection went down, came up, but did not return in SpeedFusion.
See here the logs.

I can give you access to the Routers.
You can lock after it, until 7 am, German Time.


Appreciate if you could open a support ticket and we’ll take a closer look.

Now it happened on the other end too.

Yes, I´ll open a ticket.