Firmware 6.2 Beta 1 Client List issue


I think the client list is having a problem.


It stay on loading and dont show clients.

If u like serial number give me a email to arturo dot gerez at ct-optics dot com



Thank you for the information, this is confirmed and has been escalated to engineering (another case). What is the model of your balance?

Peplink Balance 310
Hardware Revision

If you could submit a ticket to support@peplink and turn on RA and provide a diagnostic report we can certainly get this escalated as well.

Ticket #744882

I also have a Balance 310, same hardware revision with the same client list issues. The client list issue does persist through the mobile application as well.

Thank you all for the updates, this will be corrected on the next release. For any new issues found with the beta build just start a new thread here: Peplink | Pepwave - Forum and we’ll be sure to address them accordingly.