Firmware 6.2.1 Release Problem?

Good morning all,
I noticed a couple weeks or so ago that Firmware 6.2.1 was released and began upgrading routers (mainly Balance 20s and Balance Ones). But when talking about this to another tech, the link to firmware downloads is back to 6.2.0. Is there any reason for this? I’m concerned that there was an issue with this firmware and it got pulled, but I don’t see any info about it at all posted except for a post from Alan Tsui on 6-30-15 saying the beta was released to public. I was excited that Bandwidth Reservation made it to the Balance 20 and Balance One which is great for our SIP customers and have upgraded 16 devices. I haven’t had any issues with any of them so far, just concerned about the support link no longer goes to 6.2.1 but rather 6.2.0.

Nevermind…I found my answer in this post: Peplink | Pepwave - Forum

6.2.1 was pulled because of a very small very rare bug that was discovered. 6.2.2 will be posted in the next day or two.

i tried to upgrade to firmware 6.2.1 on my peplink balance 210. The upgrade stop at 90 percent then the router became bricked. i need help bringing it back up. my router has a warranty until 2016.

@rollex, please open a support ticket for further analysis: