Firmware 6.1 for network of peplink balances

I can’t find any documentation regarding the procedure to upgrade existing network of peplink’s to the 6.1 firmware release (from 5.4.9).

I’m excited for the new features! But I have many questions before I bite and upgrade all my units which are still covered by warranty:

  • can 6.1 node’s be speedfusion peers of 5.4.9 – in order to stagger the upgrade process. If I’ve got a central peplink and many remote spoke peplink’s – which site should be upgraded be first – the central site or one of the remote node’s?
  • what kind of bandwidth does incontrol2 consume (I have very low bandwidth and pay-per-byte links)?
  • can 6.1 firmware function with incontrol2 disabled if the bandwidth costs are too high?

Many thanks,


Here is a guide for upgrading to 6.1:

Yes SpeedFusion can be established with a device that is 5.4.9 with a device that is running 6.1 firmware.

Yes 6.1 firmware can function without InControl2. The unlock key will be generated through IC2 initially though.

As far as the bandwidth consumption that IC2 consumes to talk with the Peplink Routers I am not 100% sure but I will go ahead and escalate to get a answer for you.

I just upgraded some of my balance routers with firmware 6.1 build 2848 today. I upgraded a 710, and 4 balance 380s. so far the process went 100% smoothly and the routers have been running all day. i have them paired to a central site running a balance 1350 still on the old firmware and speedfusion works just fine.

i opted after the upgrade to remove incontrol2 management features due to my setup.however before doing so i did play around. there is nothing in incontrol that you can’t get off of each balance already.


With Incontrol2 pertaining to bandwidth consumption it will depend greatly on if there is going to be constant web browser monitoring and or GPS.

  1. With constant Web Browser monitoring: With GPS = about 75 MB a day
    Without GPS = 40 MB a day

  2. With no Web Browser Monitoring (report only): With GPS: = 4Mb Daily
    Without GPS: 1-2MB Daily