Firmware 6.1.2 Release Candidate

**IMPORTANT: This is beta software. Usage within a production environment is neither recommended nor supported.

IMPORTANT: As this is an RC, devices will need a valid 6.x license key to install Firmware 6.1.2 RC.**

We are happy to announce the release candidate of Firmware 6.1.2 for Balance, MAX, and Surf SOHO. Although this is a minor update, there are some exciting new features to look forward to:

Here are the key features of this release:

  • Pepmin: Access the WebUI of Devices Behind a Cellular/Private IP
    : Pepmin enables on-demand, fully secure access to your device’s native webUI via InControl. - Bonjour Forwarding/Gateway
    : This enables Apple devices to discover each other and share resources (AirPlay, AirPrint) even they are on different subnets.

**As this is an RC, devices will need a valid 6.x license key to install Firmware 6.1.2 RC . Click the link below to get Firmware 6.1.2 RC now and try out all the new features.


IMPORTANT: To report any issues you encounter, please follow these steps:

**1) Obtain a Diagnostic Report Before Rebooting: When you reboot your device, valuable information about the issue could be lost. To obtain a diagnostic report, please refer to this document.

  1. Turn On Remote Assistance Before Rebooting: Remote Assistance enables us to better diagnose the problem. To turn on remote assistance, please refer to this document.

  2. Submit a Support Ticket: This will facilitate communications between you and our support team. Please submit the ticket via and specify “Beta” in the Inquiry

It’s working perfectly on my shop demo Balance 30 so when do you plan to release it?


End of July or beginning of August tentatively.

Good day:

I have just flashe a B380 to test it.

I found out that is not being to connect to Remote Web admin, I test it with 6.1.2 beta and worked great, but in 6.1.2 rc is not.

Serial number is 1824-9007-479E with RA enabled.


Hello Arturo,

I was able to successfully connect to the device via IC2 remote web admin if you could re-check.

It does…

I have network glitches…


Hello All,

Firmware 6.1.2 has now been publicly launched, get your copy now on our download page!

Thank you all for your feedback.