Firmware 5.4.6 VS 5.3.12

We have uprgaded from 5.3.12 to 5.4.6 and we have experience the following :

  • latency increase under load with the bonding feature
  • lack of stability with the site 2 site feature
  • Bandwith lowered & packet loss increase…

We have downgrade to 5.3.12, and everythings was working has it was before.

Our configuration

Balance 210 - > 1 WAN Port connected to 100Mb/s fiber (datacenter)
Blaance 310 -> 2 WAN Port connected to 2x ADSL 1Mb/s UP / 12 Mb/s DOWN - latency on both link 33ms avg


Please open a support ticket with us through the following URL:

We will follow up with you to investigate this problem.

Best regards,

The Peplink Team