Firmware 5.4.4 Issue!

I’m facing issue on firmware 5.4.4 upgrade on 380 x 3 units. The rest 710 x 1 unit, 580 x 1 unit and 310 x 13 units NO ISSUE.
Either upgrade via firmware page or manual upgrade, it will cause the 380 login page not available and all speedfusion VPN Bonding can not be connect.

Could you please log a ticket to our support team so that we can follow up from there?

Ticket #731293 have been raised on Tue 07/08/2012 3:05 AM (+8) Asia Time.

Peplink have checked on the issue and confirmed that this is a bug with the
online firmware upgrade and they are working on a fix. It affects only the
380 model

Please performing the manual firmware upgrade, must reboot the device to
ensure the previous unsuccessful online firmware upgrade is cleared from
the 380.