Firewall ruling


im new to this peplink world in my experience in mikrotik the firewall rules first serve first priority in peplink not sure how it works for example in outbound rule need to drop all ports except port 80, 443, 21, AD port, etc. how?


I would recommend setting the default outbound firewall rule to “Deny” and configure allow rules for outbound ports 80, 443, etc.

hello ron

i was tested in outbound rule why if i create a rule example pop3 the system create itself incoming port 110 we are talking outbound rule, or did i miss something here?


Do you mean when you created Outbound Firewall Rule for Pop3, system will generate an Inbound Firewall Rule for Pop3 automatically? If so, can you try steps below? I just want to narrow down the problem.

  1. Ensure TCP 8443 is not available on Inbound Firewall Rule.
  2. Create an Outbound Firewall Rule for TCP 8443.
  3. Check whether TCP 8443 is created on Inbound Firewall Rule.

Thank you.