Firewall Rules By MAC Address

Guys ,

Please add the ability to config firewall rules by source MAC address.
in networks using DHCP , client IPs may change from time to time and firewall rules by IP address may be no longer valid.

Thanks - Hootan


Is this something that you could create an outbound policy to accomplish and choose source mac address ? It would be nice to be able to define by MAC as well in the firewall settings

No , Actually I’m looking to have this feature on Firewall section.
for example I want to disconnect a client from Internet access. If I create a firewall rule by IP address , then the client IP may change and firewall rules useless.

Understood your question.

Another way to achieve the same/similar result would be using the IP Reservation feature so the client will always be tie to particular IP whenever it is online, and the TCP/IP base firewall rules can be apply to this/these client/client. Of course with this approach a little bit of administration works required to associate the client MAC to IP.

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Dear Weiming ,

Thanks , This is a workaround , but what if client set his IP address manually and change the reserved one ? :smiley: