Firewall Rule to access LAN from specific external IP addresses

We are having a security audit and I need to create a rule for the security company to access my LAN and run their scanners using their IP address and port 443.

how can I accomplish this? any suggestions?

The LAN access bit is confusing - is that because of COVID so they can’t come to your office? Why don’t you just give them a teamviewer / anydesk session to a device on the LAN?

you are correct, the office is closed and we wanted to run the security scan. We managed to make it work, I contacted support and they gave me the instructions for the firewall settings

thanks for reply

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Can you share the firewall setting that you ended up using?

Please create a rule for the HTTPS as
Protocol = TCP
source port = any
destination address = IP of the server on the inside you are trying to access i.e.
destination port = single port 443
action = allow

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Is this an inbound firewall access rule? is the source x.x.x.x the external ip adress of your security company and the destination is the device in your local lan?

I’m having issues too.
On my case In the source I need that anyone can access my web server (80 and 443) so in the source I need to select ANY address and the port ANY, correct?
and in the destination I need to specify the local IP of my web server with the ports 80 and 43 Correct?

but first, I need to create and inbound service rule and specify the public ip of my wan, and the local ip of my device with the port, correct?