Firewall Event Log: please format as a Table

It’s very hard to read or share the firewall event log, since each entry is shown as a free-form text like this:

If this were in a Table form, with each data item (e.g. Action, WAN, MAC, SRC IP, Src Port, DST, LEN, TOS…) as a sepearate column, it would be so much easier to deal with.


I am fine with the log in plain text format. However, an “Export as a table” feature would be nice to have.


An “Export as CSV file” would be great.


I would appreciate

  • the ability to search and filter the firewall log entries as well as
  • a simple name resolution of the intranet clients that are causing an entry (instead only ip address)
  • a simple name resolution of the target of an entry (instead only ip address) - at least geolocation would really help and
  • adding the firewall rule’s name to the log entry causing the log entry (was requested in another topic from 2016 already).

Great suggestions. I’d also love to see the table have some links, so you could click the IP address (or DNS / DHCP name) of a device, and jump right to the DHCP reservation rule. Another link could take you to the specific firwewall rule that was invoked, etc.


+1 Yeah it’s a mess. The logging system clearly needs a lot more attention and work put into it.