Firewall default rules


Default Inbound Firewall Rules allows any traffic from any to any. This doesn’t sound right so i may be missing something here, can someone please explain why default rule will allow all inbound traffic?

It is to ease configurations with inbound services.

Our firewall is very powerful. If it is set to deny all by default then it will block everything including the services you have allowed through inbound port forwarding and NAT mapping as well as incoming PPTP connection.

Should i understand that LAN is still protected even though default firewall rule allows all traffic from any to any?

Hi gigagigosu,
You should understand that Peplink is Muti-WAN router + Stateful Firewall disabled by default (I think so :slight_smile: ).
So, your LAN (Peplink LAN) is at risk of attacks really.
As a results, you can take advantage of Peplink’s firewall rules or put another firewall behind Peplink for protection.
Day by day, Peplink balancer will be richer of Firewall features for sure but I just like it as it is - very stable Internet/Link Load Balancer.

Should i realize that LAN is still secured even though standard software guideline allows all visitors from any to any?