Firewall blocking content: known hosts list?

Is there a public list of hosts that are being used within the firewall?
For example what hosts are used in the “Update sites” category?
And the “File hosting” category?


I think you may be referring to the “Content Blocking.” If so, after you have selected the category, or categories, that you would like to be filtered you can download the file containing the information you are seeking directly from the device.

Once “Content Blocking” is enabled the device will download the database utilized for the filtering activity. After the device has obtained the database you can download it from the device web admin on the “Status” tab at the top. Scroll down until you see the link to download the database and save it locally.

You can then open the file and view the contents which should give you the answers you are looking for. The database is updated on occasion and the device will obtain the updates automatically. You can also modify the domains for a level of customization tailored to your environmental needs by excluding a desired domain from being filtered.

Please open a support ticket if you would like additional assistance, you can open a support ticket here.

Thank you.