Firewall behind Peplink 310

I’m having some routing & network issue here where required your advise & suggestion.
Attached with the network infrastructure diagram for your reference.
I’m having problem to pass the traffic from PC 2 ( to PC 1 (, either Ping, access the share folder and etc.
Do you have ideas how to get this done ?
Thank you and appreciate it.

There could be various reasons causing the problem.

First you have to ensure the SpeedFusion VPN is established. You can check the status from the Dashboard tab.
Then at the Dashboard tab, under SpeedFusion column, click on Status. Ensure the or appears in the Remote Networks of the SpeedFusion profile.
Last but not least, ensure that all the firewall policy is allowed for communication between these 2 networks.

For troubleshooting, you can always use tracert or traceroute to check where the route stopped. Please try and let us know if it works.