Firewall and Outbound Policy

Hi there folks,
I am new to the forum and new to the world of peplink. Need your help with sorting out firewall and outboud policy problem with my balancer 380. I’m using the latest fimrware 5.4.9 build 2573.

I’ve setup all my outbound firewall rules which includes allowing smtp, http, https, dns but for some reason torrent works. I’ve changed the default rule to deny all any traffic outgoing, how can torrent still work?

Outbound Policy
I’m trying to route traffic to a specific destination domain through a specific WAN port (WAN2) using the priority option. It doesn’t work, all traffic still goes out on WAN1 except it I change the rule to an ip address.

Your comments welcomed. Please assist.

Thanks, Allain

Is the Torrent using outbound port 80? I know some clients allow for this to bypass firewalls.

For the outbound policy, please make sure that your rules are placed above the default rule.

Hi Tim,

yep, i can confirm that my defined rules are above the default rule. I’ve done a test with domain and but same reult, traffic is routed through WAN1. Also network tools is a good way to test as it displays the originators ip address. I’ve parked the firewall matter until I can resolve the ourbound policy which is my priority.
What else could be the problem?

We will need to take a look at your diagnostic report, please open a support ticket here: