Find speed of the LAN connection on MK3

I am debugging some routing issues I have with my system and I am trying to figure out at what speed the LAN ports are actually connecting at. I can not find this under any status menu or any other menu. Is there a menu that shows if the wired LAN ports are connection at 10/100/1000?

In the manual for the LED pattern it says the following but no mention of 1000

LAN and Ethernet WAN Ports
Green LED ON 10 / 100 Mbps
Orange LED Blinking Data is transferring
OFF No data is being transferred or port is not
Port type Auto MDI/MDI-X ports


@Ken It should be 10/100/1000 instead of 10/100. Thanks for the heads up. We’ll make the adjustment to the manual shortly. Aside from the LED indication, you can also double-confirm this by checking from the client end.