Fiber media converter for starlink electrical isolation

I’m thinking that I would like to use a fiber optic media converter to isolate starlink from my network electrically.

Peplink Balance ↔ Media Converter <=> Fiber <=> Media Converter ↔ Starlink POE ↔ Starlink Dish

Looking for something not too expensive but very reliable.

Can anyone recommend some brands/models to look at for this. I have not done anything with fiber before and am unsure if some of the amazon fiber converter kits such as tp-link would be up to the task.

You can use 2 Ufiber AE converters ($27 each) for each end of a fiber run, I used FC-100-SM for my run (single mode cable). No issues so far. Learned the hard way about isolating network after lightening hit a sprinkler system via a tree.