Features in 5.4.7

I haven’t tried the beta 5.4.7 on my Balance 30 yet but was wondering whether either of these features are included.

Cheers Ian

Regarding the features of “accessing modem’s IP over PPPoE interface” and “API” would be targeted on 6.0 firmware. The changes between 5.4.6 and 5.4.7 would be some minor improvement.

Has this feature made it into 6.x? Also is a beta of the latest 6.x FW available for the Balance 30 yet?

The 6.1 firmware is out of beta and is now a general release:

Thanks. Can you confirm whether either of these additional features have made the cut:

Cheers Ian

Hi Ian, the API is still in development and this will come at a later date, no ETA yet.

I’m not sure about connecting to the ADSL modem directly from behind the Peplink. Do the modems have a default IP they listen on?

Hi Tim,

Re. the modem access I have two scenarios:

Tooway Satellite Modem connected via Ethernet (Connection Mode: DHCP)
The Tooway modem has a non-fixed public IP address.

Netgear ADSL Router connected via Ethernet (Connection Mode: PPPoE).
Note that I have this ADSL Router configured in “Modem mode” so it’s not actually routing, just acting as a modem.
The Netgear ADSL “Modem” is configured with a static private IP address by me.

Cheers Ian

Hi Tim, are you able to answer my query.

Hi Ian, do these modems have a factory default IP they listen on? For example, most cable modems can be accessed at even though they are passing through a different IP address to the router…

The Netgear DG834Gv3 does (although I changed the address to a private address which better suited me).
AFAIK my Tooway satellite modem only has a non-static public IP address

Correction my Tooway satellite modem only has a non-static private IP address.

Sorry, I’ve tested this again and here are my correct findings.

I can access my Tooway satellite modem connected on the WAN side (its fixed address is Its Connection Mode is DHCP.
I cannot access my Netgear modem connected on the WAN site (it has a fixed private address of my choosing). Its Connection Mode is PPPoE.

The issue is in relation to PPPoE WAN connections.

(BTW, I don’t know whether you want to / can move the tail end of this tread to here: https://forum.peplink.com/threads/198-Connecting-to-ADSL-modems-from-the-LAN-side/ since that’s what we’re discussing).