Feature Request

I have a 580. I am using all 5 wan’s.

I have a customer paying me large money for heavy bandwidth 8to4pm everyday. My att fiber is wan1 - right now, the whole network shares this connection. this wasn’t an issue in the past, but now that I have grown past 500 clients, my network is really being used.

Issue is I want customer #1 to have full access to wan 1 att during 8-330 mon thru Friday, but I want that bandwidth to be available to my other customers after those hours. I need an algorithm based on time of day so I can allocate this with out me having to load a different configuration every single day and restore it every single evening.



Hi Michael,

Time-based rules and routing policies have already been requested and this is on our roadmap. We do not have an ETA yet, but this feature will be coming.