Feature request: WiFi as WAN Display MAC addresses of all APs even if same SSID, allow to lock to one, and show which one connected to on Details

When using WiFi as WAN… a few requests:

  1. If you click “Wireless Networks” show all APs separately along with their MAC addresses, and corresponding signals, even if same SSID.
  2. Have an option to click “Connect” to a specific AP MAC address (which in turn will make it the “Preferred BSSID”)
  3. When viewing the “Details” page, list the AP MAC address Under IP address (or near it), currently there is no way I can see where you can tell which AP you are connected to

Thank you!


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How do we see the current BSSID we are attached to.

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@sitloongs hoping to know if this ever made the roadmap. thanks!


I would like to see this as well.


@Travis can you please let me know if this can be considered to the roadmap? thank you

@mystery, is this something that you are after?

  1. List of available Wi-Fi networks

  2. Wi-Fi WAN Connection Profile

This is captured from a Transit Pro-E running on firmware 8.3.0 RC3. You may want to check it (8.3.0 RC3) out.

That is partially what I was asking for… now if there can be connect buttons for each unique MAC address, one can select which AP they want to connect to (I guess prepopulate the preferred BSSID?). Right now there is only one connect button.

@mystery ,

Yes, if you need the WiFi WAN connect to the specific AP (BSSID) , you need preconfigure the preferred BSSID ^^.

I see from that list that these are all different SSID’s. Will it show same SSID’s with the different AP’s mac addresses available?


@Odd-Reidar_Fuglestad ,

Yes, it’s available and if you point your cursor to the MAC address and click on the BSSID , it will auto set the BSSID for you

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yes, i understand that is currently how it is, but i am asking if there can be multiple connect buttons so one can choose to connect to a specific AP/BSSID and have that BSSID saved in the BSSID field?

@mystery ,

Yes. If you click on the BSSID MAC address fields, it will auto help to you fill the BSSID and allow you to save the profile.

When you have the preferred BSSID defined, the WiFi WAN will try connect to the specific AP first before will connect to other AP. You need to configure multiple preferred BSSID for the single SSID ?

Awesome. Thank you!!!

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