Feature Request: VLAN WAN / Virtual WAN feature for max series devices

Feature request: allow VLAN-based virtual wans for Max series devices (especially the BR1 PRO 5G)

I am currently utilizing two BR1 PRO 5G’s in my campervan as a “connected pair”. Currently one device acts as “main” and the 2nd device is connected to the ethernet port of main.

In this configuration I am unable to fully utilize the available WANs on the 2nd device. Specifically what I am wanting to do is attach Starlink to the 2nd device ethernet wan port and subsequently using VLANs on the main device to uniquely connect to both wans on the 2nd device. Without this I can still connect starlink but I cannot define outbound policies to uniquely route traffic across wans on the 2nd device.

With two BR1 Pro 5G devices + virtual WANs feature I could connect to 5+ WANs with proper outbound policy, however because of no virtual WAN I am limited to 4.

This feature has already been enabled on the 20X and it has broad applicability and should be enabled elsewhere. Please offer this license/option for other devices. Thanks!!

Attached are diagrams of current state and desired state.

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