Feature Request: Virtual WAN - for use with speedfusion & stuff

I’d like to be able to add “Virtual Wan” to my MAX BR1 Pro 5G. This would be one where I can create a new “Network” VLAN that would participate as a client in the VLAN and expose it as another network interface available in the interface for routing rules/SpeedFusion, the same way any “hardware” WAN port would behave.

I’m a ‘prosumer’ user, using my Peplink devices for Work remote/Play remote/etc, and I currently have 2 peplink devices. the MAX BR1 Pro 5G, and a MAX Transit Duo LTE.
As is, I can plug the Max DUO into the WAN of the 5G, and aggregate whats available… but it consumes the WAN port (Starlink is coming O_O) and also negates the ability to utilize all 3 connections. There are some creative workarounds that have been shared to utilize the Wifi as WAN abilities, but that is a bit fragile and takes away from the capacity of the Wifi networks the routers have available.

How I envision this working:

  • Setup the 5G as the primary router, serving the Wifi as the “hotspot”.
  • Setup the Duo as a secondary/client on the same non-vlan network as the 5G. connect the routers LAN to LAN.
  • Disable the DUO hotspot. It won’t be used for now. (Possibly Wifi as WAN if creativity is needed? would be nice to keep the 5G’s Wifi at full capacity)
  • Create 2 “Networks” (VLANs) on the DUO, setting up the outbound rules to bind to each LTE interface.
  • On the 5G router, create 2 (or more) networks as “Clients” (no DHCP servers/etc), participating as “clients” on the VLANs created on the DUO. These would be exposed as available WANs for normal packet routing and/or speedfusion.

I know there are other users that would be able to take advantage of this setup right now, and there would be other creative uses too! It also allows the DUO to just be a packet forwarder… the LTE networks are getting to the point where the DUO’s CPU limitations are also becoming bandwidth issues if it has to do much with VPN/processing.


For now wifi-as-wan is your best best as detailed here:
Virtual wan is still a new thing, and I think only mentioned on the 20x right now.
Maybe we will see more options and more devices using it whenever they finish up 8.2 and move on to v9.
You have my vote for it.

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yea, I’m gonna get that workaround going in a bit. Probably just add a 3rd party wifi AP so I’m not sharing wifi radios, (that is always so sketch)…

I just wanted to better enumerate what I was asking for, with the appropriate tags on the topic :slight_smile:

You have two seperate wifi radios in the br1 pro 5g, use the 2.4ghz for the wifi wan ↔ AP connections then use the 5ghz wifi for the clients.

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I need both for normal Wifi activities, as I have all sorts of 2.4 and 5ghz devices.

gotcha, you might still try and see if you notice any loss of connectivity /speed on the 2.4ghz
I think it just time divides access to the wifi as wan vs ap mode.

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