Feature Request: USB-Eth WAN - Stay active when in lower priority.

Feature Request:
When the USB-Eth WAN is configured as a lower priority WAN i.e priority 2 it is put into a “cold-standby” state where it does not have an IP or so on.

This lengthens failover times in the event of a primary WAN failure or where the USB-Eth is being used to bring in a low speed FTTC/DSL connection via PPPoE.

Could the USB-Eth functionality be enhanced to allow the WAN to be configured to stay active when in a lower priority such as the behaviour of cellular links or regular Ethernet WANs.

I know it is easy to work around this by leaving the WAN in priority 1 and using outbound policy and overriding relative priority on the PepVPN profiles but it adds another step of configuration to consider.


Agree, there should be an option to keep it hot or cold