Feature Request: QoS-Rules, QoS inside Speedfusion



I really need QoS inside Speedfusion-tunnels.

It would be important for me to define QoS-rules in a more-powerful way.
I think, it should be handled like the “Custom-Outbound-Policies”:

  • Possibility to use a ruleset. Filter can be IP and/or service.
  • Priority and bandwidth-limit per ip and shared shoud be adjustable

Could you please check, if this can be possible?



Hello Peplink Team,
We have a project on the table now that will benefit from QoS on the SpeedFusion tunnel, we need to prioritise our customers services in this order:

  • Emergency distress panic (is an IP based system)
  • RoIP (Radio over IP such as IP based two way radios)
  • POS (Point of Sale terminals)
  • VoIP (Voice over IP such as SIP)
  • Database servers (restricted by IP &/or domain name)
  • Everything else

As this solution is going to be mobile (and heading out to sea), it will be important to restrict (block) services as the available bandwidth reduce such as the “Everything else”.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:


@mldowling @KPS

Currently you can use outbound policies within a PepVPN/SpeedFusion tunnels to bandwidth control the traffics pass-through the tunnels.

Sample setup as below:

Sub-Tunnel 1 (Bandwidth Limit 1Mbps up/Download):

Sub-Tunnel 2 (Bandwidth Limit - Unlimited):

Outbound Policy:

Example outbound policy to forward traffics using sub-tunnel 1

Speedtest results:
Sub-tunnel 1 (with QOS Enabled)

Sub-tunnel 2 (Without QOS):

P/S: You can have total of 5 sub tunnels for the different rule sets.

Future improvement:
We are improving the QOS feature to include SpeedFusion Traffics.
Targeted for firmware version 7.2.0 : QoS --> Bandwidth Control --> Individual Bandwidth Limit will take effective to PepVPN traffic



Thank you for your answer. I see that workaround, but I am really looking forward for improvements in that sector. A full configurable rule-set would be very important for me to use Peplink in more setups


This QOS been request since peplink got the VPN bonding , but until right now yet to have this. :frowning:



QoS inside the PepVPN is also a critical requirement we have. We are using a single primary WAN site-to-site with one failover WAN (cellular). We need to prioritise TCP traffic above UDP going across that VPN regardless of whether the primary or the failover WAN is being utilised. (primary and failover WANs will not be used simultaneously).

I’ve had no luck getting the outbound policy to work with multiple sub-tunnels. If I create two sub-tunnels in the same PepVPN profile (at both routers) they will establish fine. I then, for simplicity, put in an enforcing outbound policy to push all outgoing data through the second sub-tunnel (not the default), however no traffic will flow across anything but the default sub-tunnel. I assume this is because we only use 1 physical WAN at a time, is this expected behavior? Will this only function with multiple simultaneous WAN connections? We are utilising MAX BR1 ENT modems running 7.1.1 firmware.

Regardless, even if it did work, I don’t see how outbound policies can prioritise the data over a single WAN, unlike QoS within PepVPN should?

Will the update coming with 7.2.0 work with our scenario above? when is the release of 7.2.0 slated for?



Just following up if this feature has been released in Firmware 8?