Feature Request: OSPF Specific Configuration setting on group level (IC2 and ICVA)

We just had a Pilot configured for our customer whereby the customer advertises a route via BGP into the Peplink SF network from FusionHub to all its spokes. Due to the below Network Advertising option in OSPF by default enabled to advertise all the routes (connected LAN/WAN and learned) back to the FusionHub is causing routing loops, where the summarised route learned from BGP is sent back to it from the Peplink SF network. This routing loop is bringing the entire network of Peplink routers connected in star topology down. The customer has to enable this setting manually in every router before he brings it into SF network.

We need this OSPF Specific configuration setting made available both on the IC2 and ICVA as a group setting where the customer can select just specific network (Ex: Untagged LAN) to advertise rather than advertising all the networks on the endpoint

P.S. The Bulk configurator will not work in this instance since these are connected to Private Cellular MPLS network wherein the customer has to enter APN and authentication details for each SIM in the router.

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We will add the route advertisement settings in the next major release. ETA: April 2022.


Hi Michael,

This is great, saw the feature in the latest IC2 release 2.10.

This will help our customer in their deployments.

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I would like to be able to put different speed fusion tunnels into different OSPF areas