Feature Request: MSP based specialised user access to Organization or Groups or devices

One of our MSP customers (Broadband provider), would like to provide specialised access to the their enduser/customer (SME/SMB) on the peplink balance 20x (VDSL). currently IC2/device supports:

Same goes for Group level with some additional options.

The customer wants to provide additional access to users/customers with a checkbox option where the MSP will allow the end customer to edit below:

  • Create/Edit SSID’s
  • Guest Wi-Fi
  • Wi-Fi landing page for guests
  • Firewall Rules
  • Read Only Reports (view reports but not create their own)
  • Define LAN network
  • password/authentication
  • FW rules

This will make a lot of sense for MSP customer where they provide the end to end managed services with flexibility for some configuration on the device for end users/customers.

Example: Privilleged access on cisco devices


+1 for flexible Groups, where can give the access as you want.


RBAC in effect, where you can define roles & what they can do, then assign users to them.

On this topic. I would love to see SAML & SCIM for user managment so we can control/manage the users from AzureAD (or other IDP).