Feature Request - InControl Feature Add On License Management

I noticed that there is a section in InControl that allows one to see all the expiring service statuses and Fusion licenses.

Would it be possible to also include all “Device Level” Feature activations as well? For example “Pepwave Failover License SW Add-on”.


Thanks for your consideration!

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Hi @kenichiwa
This would be a nice addition to that page. If it helps you at all, There is a spot you can find this info.
if you go to device management under either the organization or the group, you can download the list as a CSV from under the table of devices and in that CSV the devices licenses will be listed.

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Thank you! That would suffice for now!

I am hopeful that your team will put that on the roadmap since InControl has been a great fleet management tool and provides a unified view of all devices.

Take care!