Feature Request IC2 (Security)

Hello everyone,

We have a feature request for InControl2 and especially Private IC2.

Local law enforcement want to use peplink and pepwave devices. In almost all cases Private InControl2 is the only option, the public version will never be used for reasons we can all think off.

Furthermore they want to secure the field units, when a unit, say BR1 MINI get’s stolen they want to do a remote wipe of the unit. Which can be done when the unit comes online, but if it doesn’t you are stuck with a stolen unit that is out there with valuable information.

So we would like to see an option to be able to block local login to a device, the only manageability would be via InControl2. Resetting should still work for troubleshooting. But keeping people out, is more important then useability in this case. Could this be made? As an optional InControl2 feature? If applied local login is disabled?

Kind regards.

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