Feature request for Port Mirroring

Feature request: Port mirroring

Multiple customers are requesting for port mirroring. Customers want to duplicate packets from port A to port B that’s connected for example to a monitoring system or a server.
One of my customers wants to use port mirroring for controlling a drone via the Peplink router and wants this information to be send to another located drone or server without any delay.
Is it possible to add or set up this feature in the next firmware or special made firmware?
Customers indicate the Peplink sales will increase when Port mirroring will be add to the features.
Please keep me updated on any news about acceding this feature.
Thank you in advance!


I will obviously +1 anything that involves Peplink and Drones. :wink:


Can you elaborate on this more? I’m not sure how port mirroring help controlling another drone. Thanks.


Hi Keith,

I’m not really sure how this goes into work with controlling another drone, I do know the customer also wants to send the data to a server elsewhere at the same time.

Customer explained to me that he wishes the router to duplicate the packets from LANport 1 to LANport 2 without delay. Customer is working for the the Dutch goverment (military) so he doesn’t want to share to much specifics about his cases, obviously…

I do know these drones are not the regular ones you can buy at the corner of the street…
These are among other things used for scouting terrains in unusual circumstances.

This is all the information I can share about this (and I know about this).
I hope this helps you answering your question, please let me know when you have furthermore.

Thanks in advance!

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Is there anything I can do or to provide the Peplink engineers with to make this feature request a defenite feature? Or to speed things up?

I’m obviously not a software engineer but it seems like a little adjustment to the software and it will be of major impact to my customer’s business.

Please let me know when I can be of any assistance to increase the chances of accepting this feature request.

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Hello @martijnsoetekouw,
Can I just clarify (out of my own curiosity), would being able to use IEEE 802.3ad Link Aggregation with two of the ports suffice, some of the higher end products already support this (the Balance 580 & MediaFast 500 for example)?

Marcus :slight_smile:

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Hi Marcus,

Thank you for your reply! Hmm I’m not really sure if this is the answer.
As far as my knowledge goes about Link Aggregation, LA can be used for redundancy purposes, combine two ports together as one, but not for duplicating when the other port is still active? Please correct me if I’m wrong about this, if this is possible we got the answer!

My customer uses MAX-HD4-LTE-E-T for these kind of projects, so if this is an answer to the request it will take less time to submit this feature also to the HD series.

But I’m not sure if LA can duplicate packets from port A straight into port B. Below you’ll find some kind of situation sketch I’ve drawn, hopefully to clarify the goal I’m trying to achieve.

Thanks a lot!

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Does anyone have an idea how I can seduce Peplink to integrate this feature?


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Is there any news on this?


I would like to revitalize this request. We have enterprise customers that need to send traffic to a security appliance. The easiest method is port mirroring to their receiver. If we could designate a port as a mirror port, all traffic is mirrored to that port.


Agreed. This would be a huge benefit to our company.

Plug in an old hub? It won’t fix any IP conflicts or addressing, but it will act as a multiplexer. Your throughput will also be rubbish.

What network protocols are you hoping to support? I have only ever heard of port mirroring used in the context of sending a copy of the traffic to a netflow device or similar appliance - usually security related.

+1 for this request. Would be great in troubleshooting some issues we have been experiencing when using our SDX as an SD-WAN box for our firewall.