Feature request: ability to move/restore Fusionhub - Virtual machine server changed error


My VM provider did some maintenance, I did not touch anything, but found speedfusion tunnels down and the error “Virtual machine server changed.”

I am requesting a feature update that allows VMs to be moved or restored without having to re-create from scratch. Even if I owned the bare metal, some times I might want to move things around, if I had many Fusion hubs that would be resource intensive to rebuild each one.

Further, support advised to simply rebuild, download active configuration, and restore that. You cannot even access that menu to download the active configuration once the “Virtual machine server changed” error is showing - pretty much every menu is disabled once that error starts.

To add to the issue, I happened to have a backup of the config, so rebuilt the Fusionhub, restored the config, everything was working yesterday, and then today I find all the tunnels missing, and down but no error showing.

It shouldnt be so difficult.

Thank you,

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OK so I was told multiple times in the past to simply save config, reload fusion hub onto VM, and then restore config. I followed that. Only to find out that is not all the steps because I use IC2 to manage. So I then had to rebuild the speedfusion tunnels in IC2. More steps. Then once the tunnels were reestablished, I found my Outbound rules were no longer working. So then I had to update dozens of outbound rules manually (and go off my memory how I had them setup originally since some of the fields were wiped once I re-set the tunnels via IC2). This is way too involved! Especially since simply rebooting the VM yields the same exact scenario. Last time this happened, someone from peplink went in and fixed the issue remotely in a minute, so my question is why can’t I just fix it the same way, and avoid all this pain? Why do I have to jump through so many hoops to get it running again, mostly manually?

Can I confirm you are facing a similar issue here?

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Similar. That post was simply me pressing reboot on the VM. I think you confirmed it was an issue with Digital Ocean where the hardware ID changed upon a simple reboot. In this case, the VM was actually moved to a new metal machine. Either way, in my opinion, it should not be so cumbersome to restore a fusion hub instance. Whatever you / your team did the first time to fix quick behind the scenes worked, until the VM had to be moved. Then I spent 30+ minutes restoring, manually rebuilding speedfusion tunnels, and manually redoing all outbound rules, it was quite cumbersome. There really should be an option to re-validate the existing license on a new hardware ID.

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I agree, and I would like to be able to update the licence key without rebuilding.

@Travis is this possible?

@TK_Liew any updates on this? Thanks


@mystery, probably it might not be publicly announced, but we have enhanced the FusionHub license manipulation to cater to this situation (in 8.4.0), where you can click the [Renew] button to update the FusionHub license if it hits the invalid license error.