Feature Recommendation (OpenVPN Support)

Who else out there would love it they added OpenVPN support to their VPN compatibility?

IPSEC seems to not work at all on any PEPWave Device with Cisco and Juniper

OpenVPN support is a licensed addon now and provides a virtual WAN on your device:

I have worked on many many customer deployments where there is a Peplink hub device and remote devices connected then an IPSEC built from the hub device to a customers existing IPSEC infrastructure. Not sure what the issue you have seen there might be?


i’d love to see a option for a 2nd or 3rd openvpn option.


I have not had any problems getting IPsec working with Juniper SRX devices. We understand that it isn’t always easy, but it works.

Most of the limitations and complexity are on the juniper side, you have to specify each part of the ipsec config, and then add the rules into the security section, you also have to allow ike on the interface, a dozen details, but that is for any ipsec implementation

Licensed it and it works perfect. Thank you very much.

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