Faulty Balance 305

We bought a new Balance 305 and the WAN2 port failed after 6 days. We sent it back (RMA) and we told we would receive a replacement. The replacement arrived and was a scratched refurbished Balance 305, not a new one. I opened a ticket to complain, but was told that I should have ordered it with smart care in order to receive a new one. Could you confirm this is the company policy for a device that fails after 6 days.

Many thanks

Please refer to the Standard Hardware/Software Warranty Policy here - https://www.peplink.com/support/policies/. If your device has problem within 14 days, we should a better arrangement. According to our record, the device was purchased on 22 May 2020 which more than 14 days. Probably it yet to register with us. Can you help to provide the delivery order in the ticket for us to revisit your case?

Thanks for your patience.

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No problem. The device was received on the 12th of June. I appreciate that a 3 week delivery time is unusual.