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I purchased the Pepwave Max BR1, approx. 2 months ago - It has been working fine up until now, it does not seem to be detecting either SIM cards - A or B.

Can someone assist with what the problem is.



Do you get the same message even after a reboot? If so you need to log a ticket.


As Martin said, first thing is reboot.
Which firmware is it running and how long has the device been up?
Is it constantly up or is the power cycled regularly?
What is supplying the power to the device? We have seen issues with underrated USB supplies on the BR1 Slim (not supplied by Pepwave or us) which allow the device to boot up and function normal until a cellular data connection is established the the device dies. There is obviously a power serge when a connection is made from the cellular modem that tries to pull more power than can be given and the router dies (this is a power source issue, not PEPWAVE!) If this is the issue, please add an additional USB PSU (assuming BR1 Slim)


The unit is wired in directly to the 12v distribution panel on our yacht. Whilst on I removed the power supply plug, left it for 5 mins and then reconnected it, which has solved the problem. After 24 hours of trying to reboot it by turning it on & off, removing the SIM cards, reinstalling them - nothing. This is not ideal & obviously a problem with the device.


Sorry to say this, though if the equipment is on a boat and not fully sealed against the corrosion of the marine environment, it will probably have received some corrosive damage (SIM Cards are often prone to this), you need to have these devices in a IP67 sealed enclosure for use in most marine environments unless it has been designed for the environment.

We suggest if new SIMs do not fix the issue, that you take the unit back to your supplier for a physical inspection and ask them to thoroughly test the unit, corrosion is not cover by warranty unless you have it in writing from your supplier that the unit was suitable for the environment, in which case your supplier is responsibly for the warranty.
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Do you have the possibility to test with a different power supply? E.g. the power supply supplied by Pepwave 220v ac to 12 DC
I’m thinking there might be an issue with the device not receiving enough power.
Which model is it?


Hi Marcus,

The unit is in a sealed cupboard and only two months old - I doubt that it a corrosion issue, more likely a software or firmware issue.


It is the Pepwave MAX BR1 Mini.


Thanks for the responses, to add onto @GNO-2014 suggestion.

The MAX BR1 MINI has two power options.
Looking at the side with the Ethernet connections you will see on the left is a four gang terminal block and on the right is a round DC socket, which one are you using?

From our experience the more reliable is the terminal block for any location prone to movement or environmental conditions (event as gentle as in your yacht).

As @GNO-2014 suggested, test the unit with alternate power including the alternate connections, you can do this just with the what you already have on the yacht if you still have the terminal block or the originally shipped DC power supply. Please make sure you get the DC polarity correct, inverting the DC polarity may damage the units.

With the SIM Cards, are they both from the same ISP or different, have you attempted swapping them between the sockets? Doing this can help isolate a SIM fault (SIMs do fail from time to time also), it is also worth testing each sim (if you can) in another device.

Also something important is how are the antennas connected & do you have lightening protection on those antenna feeds into the modem, lightening at over 5 nautical miles can be picked up by most antennas, any lightening within 0.30 nautical miles can damage the very sensitive radio electronics in the equipment.
Did your supplier/installer ensure that you put lightening protection on the antenna feeds if they are external to the cabin of the yacht (such as been installed on the yacht mast), yes even on marine vessels this is essential protection required for the longevity of any manufactures LTE chip set within any brand of LTE modems?

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We are using the terminal power block.


We have one location where this is an issue, we get a lot of “no device detected” and sometimes its reconnects and sometimes its require at reboot. we have tried with 2 different routeres at this location, same issue.


Hello @Elysian & @Jesper ,
It may be necessary for you to each open a support ticket here.
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Marcus :slight_smile: