Faster speeds with verizon + att or verizon + verizon or att + att cellular connections?

Can anyone post a graph of a successful speedfusion bonding of ATT + Verizon that achieves noticeably faster speeds over one alone?

Has anyone gotten better results bonding ATT + ATT or Verizon + Verizon over ATT + Verizion?

I have spent weeks trying to tune the Fusionhub tunnels and the short answer is…


Any single WAN (ATT and/or Verizon) has faster download and upload, fewer packets lost, and far less latency, than a bonded connection between the two. I have a service ticket open now and am waiting for response.


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I ran into something the other day in the context of a different experiment, where the aggregation of lines definitely was better than a single line.


  • Dual modems, one with Verizon (regular), one with (a Verizon MVNO)
  • Single band LTE, band 13, for both lines.
  • Encrypted SpeedFusion to a Balance 380 hub (on a 1 Gbps connection)


  • The download speed was quite awful - slower than the regular single line by a lot. A lot slower than simply running a speedtest with an even balance outbound policy.
  • The upload speed was faster than a single line.
  • The line suffered a 150ms additional latency compared to the Verizon line. (e.g. 50ms vs. 200ms)


  • Swap out the line for a second Verizon line


  • Yowza! The two Verizon lines together outperformed the single line by a lot. (Variably so, 50+% seemed a common reading, sometimes a lot better.)

Might SpeedFusion be so sensitive to latency differences that the 150ms extra for one line over the other caused the slowdown?

I have dismantled the test set-up, so this is it for now.




Even though Visible is on VZW’s network, I am going to guess its given a lower network priority.

I sent you a private message but I am curious which Visible plan you have and how you got it to work with the Peplink?

Thank you!

That is indeed the case.

There is only one plan. For a Peplink device configuration of an activated visible SIM card see Max BR1 Mini LTE or LTEA on Verizon - #7 by Jonathan_Pitts.



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Thanks for the shared plan idea, I’ll do my own for now.

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There’s even an FB page to get groups of four together :slight_smile:

We’re likely to abandon our test, it does not work for our particular use-case (mixed-in with regular Verizon lines)

What didn’t work about it?

The combination with Verizon lines did not seem to work well in a SpeedFusion combination. My conjecture is that the 150ms consistent latency add-on played havoc with it, but that is just a guess.


You can adjust parameters that will pause a connection in a bond if the latency rises to a specified amount. This makes a significant difference. Look at my dialog with Martin Langmaid about this.

Did you (or anyone) try running 2 Visible SIMs on the Verizon Network compared to 2 Verizon SIMs?