Faster SOHO?


Is a new hardware revision coming for the SOHO? The current routing throughput of 120mbps isn’t really adequate now that most residential connections are at least 200mbps. Improved/faster wifi would also be nice.

Perhaps you could repurpose the Balance 20X hardware but remove the modem?

This is an interesting idea. If we have a B20X without modem, what price do you think is good?


I think $200-$250 would be in line with other high end home routers.

I would say that it would need the WIFI as wan feature that is missing from the B20X. That is why I use a Max Transit for my random traveling network.


@keith A lot of customers I know have no need for an LTE modem but do need faster throughput and higher speed Wi-Fi. (Our area is about to get a huge fiber expansion and the 120Mbps throughput of the SOHO MK3 just won’t cut it.)

I think there are two variations of the Balance 20X that would see a lot of demand:

  1. A Balance 20X without the LTE modem. I think $250 or so for that option would be reasonable. (It looks like the LTE-A FlexModule for the 20X sells for $249 (LTE-A FlexModule for Peplink Balance 20X, 380X, 580X), so if you take half of that price for a second LTE modem and deduct that from the $399 price of the Balance 20X, that gets you about $275.)
  2. A Balance 20X without the LTE modem but with upgraded 2x2 MU-MIMO (or better, 3x3 MU-MIMO) 802.11ax Wi-Fi priced at $399 (same price as the Balance 20X but swapping the LTE modem for better Wi-Fi).

I would personally jump at either one, but Option #2 would be the most appealing.


Here are some ideas/recent discussions that might interest Peplink when considering new product development for the SMB market:


I agree with the idea of a new Balance20x based model, but without the LTE modem.

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I agree a Balance 20X with WiFi WAN and no cell modem to keep costs down is a nearly perfect replacement for a SOHO. Since it has USB it will work with my current jetpack which has served me very well with my SOHO but also (hopefully) be compatible with the Max Adapter along with of course a 5g flex modem module upgrade.

Peplink has a very frustrating lineup of hardware where it seems like a device is very close to exactly what you need but is crippled by the removal of a software feature. Why doesn’t every router device with WiFi have WiFi WAN? It’s not a hardware issue its simply a disabled software feature.

Also Peplinks price on new hardware are getting out of hand if you want 1 gig routing throughput (MAX 5g and Balance Two) while the Balance20x still has a very reasonable price with almost purposely limited 900 MBps throughput.

I agree on the statement that “peplink has a very frustrating lineup of hardware where it seems like a device is very close to exactly what you need”


I agree that the Peplink lineup of products is very frustrating, particularly when it comes to routers with 1 Gbps throughput, and it does seem like products are intentionally limited in ways that don’t make sense. Why is the Balance 20X capped at 900 MBps throughput instead of true 1 Gbps? Why no WiFi-as-WAN on Balance 20X? Why no Bonjour/mDNS on SOHO?


A “Surf SOHO+“ with more CPU horsepower would be a welcome new product. With new useful features added in each fw update, and with each additional IoT device I add to my home LAN I see the CPU working harder and harder on my SOHO. I have had to roll back my fw to 8.1.3 to unburden the CPU, and at 31 client devices I am already beyond the recommended max number of 25 - and I expect other people who are much more into the SmartHome concept may have even more. A “20x-lite” without the modem that could handle up to 60 clients, and wifi-as-WAN at a ~ $250 price, is a product that would appeal to me.

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I also have the SOHO MK3 and recently upgraded my internet to fiber. Does anybody have insight into plans for Peplink/Pepwave to add a new SOHO model with throughput greater than 800mpbs?

I don’t want to upgrade to the 20X only for the throughput but then lose the WiFi as WAN feature. Add that feature to the 20X and I am a buyer.

I also have the SOHO MK3 and recently upgraded my internet to fiber. Are there any plans for Peplink/Pepwave to add a new SOHO model with throughput greater than 800mpbs and support the AP controller feature? The current built in WiFi range is below average in my opinion and needs improvement.

I don’t think an upgrade to the current 20x makes sense for SOHO users. A new 20x model would need to support WiFI as WAN, drop the LTE modem and upgrade the built in WiFi.

I also agree with the proposal for a Balance 20X without LTE and the addition of WiFi 6 (given a home with a few working from home, plus a college student taking summer classes, let alone add in the Apple TVs for streaming, etc.). So, I’m looking for something robust, and not a consumer router that calls home all the time, or has spotty wifi.

I learned of Peplink via Michael H’s router security blog. The 20x would be my best option for prosumer at home, however, I just don’t need the LTE. So, feel like I’m paying for LTE that I don’t need, and then will need to purchase a $300 Peplink Wifi 6 access point (brining total cost to approx $700).

I’m in the same boat when looking at other systems such as Unifi’s Dream Maker Pro. I do not have a need for security cameras which is what that product seems geared towards (plus I’ve read not as reliable as Peplink).

It would be nice to see some prosumer additions in the Peplink line, especially given the fact that more people are working from home, upgrading their internet service, and then looking for a robust, secure and fast router. Until then maybe I should look at building a pfSense router (not the optimal solution).

The SOHO MK3 was released in 2016. After 6 years it is about time for a new SOHO model or release a 20x that meets the requirements your users are asking for.

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peplink, please enable wifi wan on 20x, thanks

A Matter compatible thread radio would be handy.