Fast Leave with IGMP on Peplink Switches

This one might be best suited for the Peplink team unless someone has run into this as well.
This is particularly pertaining to using Crestron’s DM NVX where enabling fast leave is a requirement. Can anyone confirm if fast leave is an option within the Peplink switches or if it’s enabled/disabled by default? If it is in there somewhere I’m missing it and there’s no mention I’ve found in the manual or otherwise.

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Thanks for posting this Topher.

This is for a marine application, given that the typical superyacht has a Peplink router & Crestron A/V, I’m very surprised Peplink hasn’t followed suit like Araknis has (see below).

Araknis “NVX & Switch” setup guide.

Interesting NVX & Switch forum discussion here stating that Araknis has solved this one.

I suspect the Peplink switches are lacking the functionality cited in steps #2 & #4 below?

CRESTRON NVX SETUP Rev:210215-1229

Step 1: Switch Setup

  1. Go to Advanced > Multicast > IGMP Snooping and set IGMP Snooping settings to v2.
  2. Set Unregistered IPMC Forward Action to Drop.
    VLAN Settings
  3. Go to Advanced > Multicast > IGMP Snooping and set status to Enabled.
  4. Set Fast Leave to Enabled.
  5. Set Querier State to Enabled.
  6. Set Querier Version to v2, then go to the Web interface of the Crestron NVX to complete network

Step 2: NVX Network Settings

  1. Click Network Settings on the NVX and set a static IP.
  2. Set the NVX to IGMP v2.

We target to support IGMP fast leave in the next GA firmware. If this is urgent, you may upgrade to this firmware:

The fast leave is available in the port settings once IGMP is enabled.

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This is why I love working with Peplink devices.
Request for a new feature on a Saturday - new firmware delivered on the following Thursday - nice work @tk_liew and team!

Merry Christmas!

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Yea. Some of the things these folks do and how responsive they are makes my head spin. :<)


A few hours ago (4JAN22), I Pushed the beta firmware to the 24p & 24p switch on this vessel.


  1. Should I be enabling “Fast Leave” on the SFP port that connects the two switches together ?
  2. Should I be seeing TB’s of traffic on both switches?

*** All 18 of the Crestron NVX units are on the 48 port switch**


Is there any new Beta which I can upload - we are facing same issue in a massive install.



Is it advisable to enable fast leave on the uplink ports? We have NVX in diff locations in the property connected to diff SD switches - however there is no streams going across property.


No - we discovered “FL” must be disabled on uplink ports.

Our NVX units are only connected to 1 switch.
I believe Peplink & Crestron told us this is mandatory.

(Distributing NVX units across 2 switches will be problematic).

Ok Let me try - as we are facing lot of data on the vlan - but our nvx streams are subscribed within the switch. But diff areas have NVX for that area connected on single switch.